Ghost Hunt 2: More Chilling Tales…and two of the worst Choose Your Own Adventures ever.

Sometime last year, I think, I rejoined a cult that I was a member of as a child–the Cult of the Public Library.

You should look into it, by the way. My chosen branch is the Arapahoe Library District. I’ll not mention the particular branch–where I choose to attend services–because it’s fairly near my house [though, weirdly enough, not near enough for me to be included in their district, so I’m just outside their service area, which limits some of my borrowing abilities].

My most recent…I’m running out of ways to make this sound churchian. Fuck. My most recent attendance was actually from home. From bed, even. The library has truly become a magical place. The benediction was a simple submission of my library card number, and a few words typed into a search form. So many books…and I could borrow twelve at once.

Twelve. In the old days, that could hold me for…a day or two, maybe a week if the books were long.

So, I wasted seven on the shittiest ‘nonfiction’ ghost books I could find. Well, five. The other two were Joe Hill books.

I won’t be talking about Joe Hill’s stuff, because one of them was just one story from a collection, and it did not suck.

I don’t like talking about things that don’t suck, because I can’t find words.

I want to talk about one of the ones that sucked. Ghost Hunt 2: MORE Chilling Tales of the Unknown.

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I can’t explain myself.

I have a lot of bad habits.

One of them, obviously, is not posting for an extended period of time. I can explain that: two migraine headaches in a row [one four days long, one still lingering], and a great deal of terror and lack of focus caused by a new medication.

Well, I’ve been on that for a few days, and I’ve actually been remembering to take it. My sleep has certainly improved, and the constant ‘gonna yarf’ feeling seems to be mostly gone, so it’s doing part of the job it’s supposed to.

That’s not what I want to post about, though. Or talk about. Or…y’know, I should probably work out what words I want to use before I start using words.
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