Stalky, stalky, stalky.

If this post were an episode of a television show, it’d be an episode that airs after a long hiatus. This means we need a section that covers ‘the story so far’ or ‘what went before’, or a phrase of your preference meaning ‘that shit that happened that everyone forgot, or didn’t know, or whatever.’
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Well, this was…something.

Yeah. I haven’t had much to say for a while. I’ve got all these ideas, but no real good plan for implementation. I guess that’s kinda my thing….

Anyway, the other day, I was sitting around, minding my own business, when…stupid happened. You know me, I love it when stupid happens. I’m still waiting for this particular stupid to do something, but I guess he’s too busy attentionwhoring elsewheres to actually look back and admit he was wrong.

Maybe next time.
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