Stalky, stalky, stalky.

If this post were an episode of a television show, it’d be an episode that airs after a long hiatus. This means we need a section that covers ‘the story so far’ or ‘what went before’, or a phrase of your preference meaning ‘that shit that happened that everyone forgot, or didn’t know, or whatever.’

Before August 2007

Girl meets boy online. Girl is someone I know, so I find out about it. Boy moves from England to live with Girl in the US. Boy and Girl break up.

I also find out about this. Later, I hear some more from another person I know who also lived in the same house for…I don’t know how long.

August 2007

I end up hearing way more about it, and start seeing stories from people I don’t know about this guy’s antics. And I get fed up, because, holy shit, dude’s making us internet people look really bad.

So I make a post: PSA: Girls? It’s okay to google the screennames of the ones you love.

In that post, I explain a little bit about what I know, but, mostly, I link to other people’s posts about this person — zenmonk_genryu — and give my thoughts on the situation. Basically: try googling the guy and find out what you can. Of course, that might not work very well any more, because of what happened next.

June 2011

Actually, may, but the post regarding it [Well, this was…something] happened in June.

This guy made contact with me, pretending to be a process server from Georgia, using the name of a company that certainly would not be employing him.

That should’ve been the end of it, because I declined to talk to him further. That brings us to….

October 2011

9 October 2011 at 07:56
Warren Manley
That won’t work by the way. We are not obliged to furnish you with any information beyond that we are entitled to serve you at home, or at your place of work, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and you are required to cooperate.

I did not reply, because I’d already stated, fairly clearly, that I was fucking done playing.

And that was it, for a while.


Fucking January 2013

8 January at 03:44
Warren Manley
Darren should do his homework better. There is no requirement in your state for those serving papers to be licensed and we are not legally obliged to provide any information to you beyond that you are to be served. Are you familiar with 18 USC § 875 – Interstate communications clause by any chance? If not I suggest that you get familiar with it very quickly. We would like your attorney’s address so that we can serve papers through them. We are also reminding you to comply with the requirement that you cooperate in the confirmation of the whereabouts of Mr Sheppard. We are quite happy for your attorney to pass the information on to the Toronto police but you are required to comply. If we do not receive your attorney’s full details within one business week, then we are free, under Colorado state law to serve you at your place of work or at your home address at any time.

Now, I knew that he was lurking about on my site. Being the clever little internet detective that I am, I figured out that he was the one doing the search on his username at certain times that roughly corresponded to the times of his messages. From that, I could also see where he went. Very useful was how he left the site.

I’m guessing that, if I’d bothered, I could’ve checked up on a couple of other sites and seen where he went on those, too.

Now, the reason I didn’t bother getting into any of this last time, or updating anyone on the situation, was because my site got hit with the pharma hack right after the initial ‘pretending to be a process server’ incident. Correlation is not causation, but I’m guessing he’d like to claim credit for that.

The point is: motherfucker’s gettin’ stalky now. Stalky on me. I sincerely hope that he’s left the state, and has no plans to actually up his game and try to approach me.

You see, I am a rather small female-type creature, and very anxious. A strange male approaching me would be very, ah, menacing. I would feel as though my life were in danger, and I would most certainly call 911. And that’s very bad news for someone who might still be in the country on an expired visa.

I’m well aware that posting this will probably get him going again, but, honestly, not posting this probably wouldn’t do anything to stop him. Reporting him or blocking him won’t stop him. I really don’t expect him to just go away.

So, I post, in the hopes that someone might be inspired to think twice, maybe act rationally.

Hah. Yeah, right.

Go on, say something....