Things I’ve Learned Since Starting My Gofundme Campaign

Zombi’s gone. Really gone. Communally-cremated-by-mistake gone.

Zombi was the best cat in the world, and she’s gone.

All I have left are some photos, two teeth, two whiskers, some fur, and a large bill.

I was urged, by friends, to start a Gofundme campaign.

So I did.

That was five months ago.

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Today Went According to a Different Plan

I haven’t heard anything back about the glasses thing, and I didn’t have time to even think about addressing the issue personally.

I also didn’t get anything done anywhere else, because I woke up to a Situation.

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Glasses: Insomniac Interlude.

As previously mentioned, I was at the VA yesterday for a bit of zap-and-measure. In my rush up to the second floor from the parking garage, I passed by the ‘Glasses’ office–more a closet, really, with an even smaller ‘waiting closet’ across the hall.

I noted the hours, and that the current time implied that it should be open.

It was not open.

It continued to be Not Open after my appointment.

I was to speak to Prosthetics instead–which worked out quite well, since I was already speaking to them about other things.

Everything has changed again.

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