Time for a change.

I ran into some problems, and, for a while, the problems seemed too big for me to fix.

Some of them are. Some of them weren’t, but I decided they were. And this is my solution. Burn it all to the ground, and start over.

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Minor changes.

I’ve changed a couple of things on the site. The background is now fixed, because I want it to be. And most people can’t even see the damned thing anyway, so…who cares.

Also, adsense is gone. It wasn’t doing me any good, and those Twilight ads were really getting on my nerves. So I’m using this new system that Gremlin found. One that might or might not work out.
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Smallish update.

You may’ve noticed there are ads again. I have a good reason for this: I like money. And every little bit helps.

I’ve tried to make them as unobtrusive as possible, but as easy for me to insert as possible. So, they sorta randomly auto-insert into every post. At the bottom.

So, yeah. Just thought I’d mention it.