Out for Delivery.

6:40 AM. And still together, I assume.

As for the weather, it’s 23, with an 80% chance of snow. Which means I should probably go out there and salt the sidewalk a bit more, so the UPS Man doesn’t kill himself [or my stuff] on his way to my door.

Edit: well, that’s odd. The Out for Delivery times changed. The 4lb box to 3:55AM, and the 19lb box to 5:28AM. So they’re not together.

Stupid UPS.

Arrival Scan

Yay. Both packages, 10:40 PM.

That doesn’t mean much, though. Between the ‘stuff could show up well after 7pm’ and the impending snow…ih.

And I’ve got a serious Middleswarth BBQ chip craving.

Holiday Tracking 2008.

Hodgkins, IL
Arrival Scan: 8:30 AM
Departure Scan: 2:32 PM

And they’re still together. Yay.

Depending on how things work with them this year, that means I should be seeing them arrive in Commerce City on…Monday, even though they’ll probably have gotten there over the weekend.