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I just went out to get the mail, which happened to include my somewhat-regular bit of junkmail from Tuesday Morning. One of the items going on sale at some point on some Tuesday is the GoBible. An MP3 player preloaded with THE BIBLE!

The website lists it for $100. Ish. Tuesday Morning will have it for 30 or 40. And for those of us who already have mp3 players, or cd players that can read mp3s burned to disc, or WinAmp, librivox probably has it for free.

And if you really want free, you could always read the damn thing yourself. Or get someone with a pleasant reading voice to read it to you. I bet you could even get a bible for free, these days. It is the internet, after all. have quite a few suggestions about how to get a free bible.

If you see anyone with the GoBible, laugh at them. Or ask them about it first, find out how much they spent on it, and then laugh at them. Because they deserve it.

They’ll probably also deserve any beatings they get from those iPod-stealing types who steal this thing instead and find out they’re stuck with a worthless hunk of dedicated bibleplayer.

Let’s look at what you get for your, ooh, $99.95! Black text on a blue screen? A bible that’s cut into single-verse mp3s, and also indexed by ‘popular story’, or a ‘Bible-in-a-Year’ method. I can see where that would be worth a lot to some christians — the cut-into-single-verse thing. If you’re going to be all picky about which bits you’re gonna follow, you don’t want to end up listening to the bits you don’t want to follow. Pity you can’t delete the bits you don’t want — that would make this SO much better.

Speaking of better, they might want to offer it in a less evil colour. Maybe a white. Or a yellow. Or something godly. With a cross on it. Get rid of the wheel, and put a cross there instead, so you can use Jesus to navigate the bible.

And if you steal this idea, I will be forced to do something….

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