Something you never want to hear in a game store….

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Yesterday was warm, so we went for a walk, and we ended up at GameXplosion, just in time to meet someone who does not belong anywhere near a game store.

He comes in and asks to use the bathroom. Denied.

He says he just wants to get some water. Still denied. And it’s not like he can’t just walk an extra few feet into Safeway and use the water fountains there. Or to the Wendy’s, where they have cups, and ice. Or, hey, the Safeway has a Starbucks that gives you a whole large cup full of ice and water. With a straw.

I’m considering pointing this out, when suddenly:

“Silent Hill? They made a game of that?”

I’m pretty sure even the crickets you normally hear during moments like that were stunned into silence.

Edit: I forgot, I was going to add this. I thought it was funny….

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One thought on “Something you never want to hear in a game store….

  1. Wow, I’m not sure what to think of that. On the one hand it was really weird, but on the other hand it was kinda neat.

    In the end, I think I just miss Silent Hill.

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