This is why I don’t buy stamps anymore….

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I got a ‘We tried to deliver something by knocking on your door and disappearing as if we were never there’ notice from the Post Office on Monday.

I told them to redeliver it Tuesday [online, while making sure I could do that over the phone].

I wait up on Tuesday to make sure I get it.

It’s Wednesday now. Guess what….

Yeah. Still don’t have it. Because the mailman didn’t have it on Tuesday, and he said maybe today. So, when I didn’t get it today, I called the stupid 800 number again. And they gave me the number of the main post office here.

And they said they’d have the supervisor call me back. But I’m kinda thinking I won’t get that callback.

So, maybe I should be rude and call again.

…and I’m glad I did. Although, it’s possible I may’ve gotten a wrong number, because I got a polite, reasonably intelligent, very helpful woman who actually tracked down the package and said she’d make sure it got out to me tomorrow, and that she’d make sure the mailman waited for me to get to the door.

But I’m still not buying any stamps. Because, really, anyone that helpful isn’t going to last long.

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