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Hi! It’s me. The person that blogs here at unpredictable intervals. I’ve just dropped by to post the standard ‘sorry I haven’t been updating’ post.

Except, y’know what? I’m not. Because I have fuckall to say right now, except that I’m currently hating the USPS. And the UPS Mail Innovations el-cheapo shipping that newegg are using.

But, really, the few people who actually bother reading here should already know that I’m a big, fat, stinky slacker incapable of stringing together a proper sentence — nevermind a coherent and interesting thought more than once a month.

I think that covers a fair percentage of the possible insults. What else is there….

Oh, yeah. Go watch some goddamn owls.

Seriously. Go. Watch. It’s a live feed of a nesting barn owl. Eggs are due to hatch…sometime before the world ends, I’m sure. You’ll get plenty of preening, sleeping, bedding-rearranging, with occasional bits of exciting feeding and owl rape.

It’s not like there’s anything worth watching on television, anyway….

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