It’s back.

I was just checking my email, and guess what I found….
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That Scientology Survey.

I am reproducing the survey’s questions here, since the actual survey is now gone. That should help a bit for anyone else interested in seeing what the questions were, and ‘responding’ to them [in a slightly less-than-official capacity].

Thank you very much for your willingness to participate in this survey. Please answer the questions below.

No, thank you for spamming me, and giving me a good reason to cite largely from your [ahem] ‘original source’ for criticism which may be characterized by some as ‘fair and reasonable’.
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One more word.

ONE MORE WORD. Just one. A single utterance of misunderstood utter bullshit about being made because of some strange obsession over R:1 or AvC, and…well, I’m not sure.

I might have to educate you. I might have to show you the blatant obviousness that is my sidebar, or my website on the wayback machine. Or your own hypocrisy.
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