The GoBible

I just went out to get the mail, which happened to include my somewhat-regular bit of junkmail from Tuesday Morning. One of the items going on sale at some point on some Tuesday is the GoBible. An MP3 player preloaded with THE BIBLE!

The website lists it for $100. Ish. Tuesday Morning will have it for 30 or 40. And for those of us who already have mp3 players, or cd players that can read mp3s burned to disc, or WinAmp, librivox probably has it for free.
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Tee hee.


That’s the page I get when I go to, which, I guess, redirects to I don’t really know for sure. I just wanted to share.

Please excuse the largeness, those of you on smaller resolutions. ¬†I did crop it, but…it just needs to be full-sized, y’know? ¬†Because it’s funny.

Some people deserve to be scammed out of everything they own.

Peter Popoff is the gift that keeps on giving. See, long after you’ve gotten his last vague, fake-handwritten letter [and posted about it online], you’ll start getting comments like this:
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