Trainwreck in progress….

Since everyone else is making up wild conspiracy theories about where the swine flu came from, I’ve got one:

The swine flu was created and released by Cafepress, to divert everyone’s attention from the godawful mess they’ve made.
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This is why I don’t buy stamps anymore….

I got a ‘We tried to deliver something by knocking on your door and disappearing as if we were never there’ notice from the Post Office on Monday.

I told them to redeliver it Tuesday [online, while making sure I could do that over the phone].

I wait up on Tuesday to make sure I get it.

It’s Wednesday now. Guess what….
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Like fun, but different.

I rented House of the Dead 2&3 [for the Wii] from Gamefly…and, it’s like fun, but different. In fact, fun might be on the other side of the sun from this game.

I mean, seriously. Why the fuck is my Wii telling me that I’m out of fucking credits, and that I should put more coins in? There’s no place for that. I don’t like it at all.
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