I guess it’s my turn to mention something….

Even though it’s already been covered rather extensively elsewhere — I have a Kindle.

It was a gift, in the sense that it was purchased with an amazon.com gift card sent to me that mentioned that I should use it to get a Kindle, and maybe some books.
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So, Religion:1 [where I waste the vast majority of my time] has been having some problems with spillover from Islam:2 lately.

Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem. Okay, well, it would. I should know — I was a part of the last spillover problem, and that shit still gets bitched about. But…this was a very special, weird e-domestic-dispute containing spillover.

And it turned into a strange revenge-botting. By which I mean ‘some idiot fills the room with similarly named sockpuppets to prevent others from getting into the room, in order to ‘shut it down”.
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Just a short little post….

I plan on saying more later about this, but I just wanted to mention really quick: LiteCigUSA have really impressed me with their customer service.

I’ll explain why later. First, it seems I need to apply another update….