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After trying to quit the old-fashioned way [with the help of an app or two], I gave up and switched back to eCigs.

I think I’ve been using eCigs fully since December.

I posted pictures of my new gear on Facebook, and the ensuing conversation revealed that my brother-in-law brews his own liquids.

He sent me some.

Actually, he [and my sister] sent me a whole box of things for Christmas. It was pretty awesome.


This case has been very useful. Previously, I’d been using a little zipper case that held earbuds. It worked, as long as I only carried two little clearomizers with me at a time.


It holds a fair amount of stuff. I don’t actually carry the charger with me–it stays plugged in, so I can carry the two unexpected backup batteries with me. And those have turned out to be useful, too.

They also sent a handful of clearomizers similar to the ones I was already using, but with finer wicks–and more.

Sending more of these was good, because the only thing I was actually expecting from them was this:


A whole bag of homebrew ecig liquid. In exciting flavours.

I have not yet tried all of them. I will now be talking about the ones that I have tried.

First, Caramel Candy.

It is incredibly pleasant, and very caramel. Almost a salted caramel. It was my regular vape for about a week, at one point.

Cotton Candy.

Yes. It tastes exactly like cotton candy. It is actually amazing.

Mountain Dew.

I’m not actually sure about this one. Partly because it doesn’t quite taste like Dew, and I suspect it might actually be the Ecto Cooler flavour instead. Because it tastes more like Ecto Cooler, which is a little scary and kinda awesome.

Gummi Bear.

Sweet, mildly fruity, and pretty damn good.

Life Saver

Wonderfully minty with a sweet undertone. Delicious.


I think it’s actually ‘Milk Chocolate’ on the bottle, but I’m not sure right now, because the bottle is all the way over there where I cannot reach with a cat in my lap. It is very mild, without that strange artificial chocolate taste that some other liquids have.


Yes. Bacon. This one is disturbing. So disturbing that I honestly don’t know if I like it. I mean, okay, it’s not *bad* but…it’s bacon. It’s…smoky and…actually, it’s hard to describe. There’s definitely that ‘smoked bacon’ taste to it, though.

Which, again: it’s not bad. It’s just…bacon. And, as with regular bacon, there’s only so much of it I can handle before my bacon gauge reads ‘full’ and I have to back off from bacon for a while.

There was one I haven’t tried yet. Cherry Cola. I really need to get to that, because it might be just as good as the others.

He’s done a pretty good job with these liquids, though. There was no need to let them sit somewhere warm to get rid of any heavy alcohol taste, like with my locally bought Cinnamon Toast Much.

If I had a link to a place where you could buy any of these, I’d post it here. I think he mostly supplies local friends, though.

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