eCig stuff

After trying to quit the old-fashioned way [with the help of an app or two], I gave up and switched back to eCigs.

I think I’ve been using eCigs fully since December.

I posted pictures of my new gear on Facebook, and the ensuing conversation revealed that my brother-in-law brews his own liquids.

He sent me some.

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Confession time. Or something….

While I’m still technically a nonsmoker, I have, over the past six months, had more than a few cigarettes.

I’ve got some…pretty serious anxiety issues. And a bit of an aversion to pharmacologically-induced zombism, which means I’m more than hesitant to try anything a doctor would recommend. Because, really, I can’t imagine that the out-of-control panic feeling could possibly be made better by anything that would make me feel even less in control of who I really am.
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