More Rejected IMs.

These showed up while I was asleep last night.

01:40:50 (non friend) myhatredseeps: Are you ever going to grow up?
01:14:48 (non friend) prince_2226: wht do u want to hunt?
23:56:25 (non friend) myhatredseeps: Can’t believe your still in all these chat rooms
23:35:39 (non friend) tracytk18: oarents divorced recently
23:35:31 (non friend) tracytk18: just lookin to talk if its ok
23:35:27 (non friend) tracytk18: hi im Tracy 17f Ohio

So, I’ve got a PeeJ, a literal-name-twit, and some guy who doesn’t make any sense at all.


I learned a new word the other day.

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The mission of MADD is to make itself look really fucking stupid.

From their blog…at blogspot, for some reason.
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