Common-Law Marriage

You know how everyone has that one little thing that bugs them — an issue or a topic or something that they know a bit more about than the average person? Common law Marriage is one of mine.

I suppose it makes sense, in some weird way, that it’d be one of the few things that still annoys me. The average person knows more about Dwarf Blue Sheep than they do about common law Marriage. If they’d just have the fucking sense to not talk about it the way they don’t talk about the Dwarf Blue Sheep, though….
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I learned a new word the other day.

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This would be a good ‘why that review was disjointed’ excuse.

So, I went to see a movie tonight. It started at…six, I think. The ticket’s somewhere. I could check, but it doesn’t matter. I was ‘not home’ for a few hours. I came home to this:
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